Freeform Pools

Every property owner desires to have a freedom pool as their backyard’s centerpiece. Freedom pools have a relaxed and exotic style. And this makes them cozy, private hideaways. At MARTZ Pools, we have the right experts in designing and building your freedom swimming pool. We have built many freedom swimming pools in New Orleans, Louisiana. Be confident that your swimming building project will be in the right hands once you choose MARTZ Pools.

What are Freedom Pools?

Freedom pools are swimming pools with a natural or irregular shape. At MARTZ Pools, we can build these swimming pools either with flowing lines or curves. Building these swimming pools start with the design process. This process allows the property owner more freedom regarding the shape, fire features, waterfall features, cave-like shapes, and rocks. These are the most common add-ons for this swimming pool design.

At MARTZ Pools, we design and build freedom swimming pools with the following features:

  • Soft and flowing curves that fit the landscape of the client’s location  
  • Unique swimming pools undefined by specific shapes or straight lines
  • Organic or natural styles with waterfalls and rock features for enhancing their designs

We design and build custom freedom pools for home enhancement, entertainment, and recreation. And this swimming pool is an ideal choice for any property owner looking for a unique design.

Freeform Pools Designs

Get Started Building Your Freedom Swimming Pool

MARTZ Pools is a professional company with experienced freedom swimming pool designers and builders. We have a proven track record of building quality swimming pools for our clients. Regardless of the size or shape of your backyard, we can make this swimming pool for you.

Contact us now to schedule your consultation appointment and get started. We guarantee you a beautiful, unique freedom swimming pool you will always be proud of enjoying with friends and family!  

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