Resurfacing Pools


Resurfacing Pools

Have the surfaces of your swimming pool deteriorated due to factors like age? If yes, enlist our swimming pool resurfacing service. MARTZ Pools has been resurfacing pools in New Orleans for many years. If your swimming pool surfaces are flaking, cracked, or stained, we can resurface them. Just let us know when it’s most convenient for you, and we will be glad to do this job.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have been resurfacing pools in residential and commercial properties over the years. We help homeowners and businesses re-plaster their swimming pools and regain their best condition. Be confident that your swimming pool resurfacing project will be in the right hands once you choose MARTZ Pools.

We’re the leading swimming pool service company in New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s because we always provide friendly, reliable, and professional pool services at reasonable prices. Call to request an estimate or schedule a consultation appointment if your pool needs resurfacing.

When to Hire Experts That Have Been Resurfacing Pools for Years

Your swimming pool faces constant exposure to things like chemicals, harsh weather conditions, and algae. These can cause the deterioration of the pool surface. But, how do you know you should resurface your swimming pool? Here are common signs that you should resurface or re-plaster your swimming pool:

  • Peeling or Flaking Plaster: Swimming pool plaster can peel or flake due to low calcium or pH levels in pool water. If you notice peeling or flaking plaster, schedule your pool resurfacing with us.
  • Surface Stains: Calcium, copper, and other factors can cause surface stains. If you notice them that won’t disappear even after acid-washing your pool, call us to resurface it.
  • Structure Cracks: Schedule a pool resurfacing appointment with us if you notice structural cracks on your swimming pool.
  • Plaster Discoloration: Call us to re-plaster your swimming pool if the plaster is discolored.
  • Roughness: Maybe the walls of your swimming pool have been eaten away by chemicals. In that case, resurfacing your pool could restore its smooth finish.

Our pool resurfacing restore the original look of dull swimming pools that need a facelift. Contact us now to work with experts that have been resurfacing pools in New Orleans, Louisiana, for years!

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