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MARTZ Pools is a full-service pool company with a sterling reputation for building beautiful pools in residential and commercial properties. We offer custom pool services across New Orleans, Louisiana. Skilled technicians with vast hands-on experience provide all our services.

Our Construction Process

The process of building any swimming pool starts with a consultation. And this is a meeting during which our technicians meet the client at their property or on-site. Our crew explains the latest landscape and pool trends, as well as design options. This stage aims to understand what the client wants, their budget, and what can fit their property. What’s more, we discuss the next steps and pool craft variations.

Our design team comes up with a 3-D computer-generated design for the client’s swimming pool. This design presents remarkable and realistic renderings to enable the client to visualize various pool design elements. They also show how the swimming pool integrates to the backyard and home or commercial property.

The client can also suggest or make improvements and revisions if necessary. And once the client approves the design, our crew uses the layout to develop engineering drawings. The layout process starts upon approval of the plan.

Our design consultant meets the client to see samples of pool building materials. Here, the client sees different types of stones, decking, plaster, and tiles. The client chooses the ideal materials for their swimming pool with the help of our technicians.

This step is where the actual pool building work takes place. This stage has several steps as follows:

  • Layout: This entails taking the dimensions of the swimming pool and the engineering drawings. These are laid out onto the proposed pool construction site to provide outlines of the swimming pool’s shape and size. The client can change the location and size of the swimming pool before we break ground.
  • Excavation: After the layout step, our crew proceeds to the excavation step. And this entails excavating the underlying soil, grass, and rock to prepare the ground or site for construction.
  • Forming and Steel: This step entails using wood and steel to give the swimming pool structure and shape. The proper use of wood and steel creates the poolscape framework with good structural integrity.
  • Electrical and Plumbing: Our crew installs the electrical and plumbing components before proceeding to the gunite process. We also pressure-test the plumbing and electrical installations to ensure they meet the state and city codes.
  • Gunite Application: Our personnel uses high-pressure hoses to apply gunite to create a tough inner shell for your swimming pool. And this makes the first vision of the swimming pool.
  • Tile and Coping: Pool design and construction allows you to choose from diverse slates, stone tiles, mosaics, and ceramics. We can craft pool coping from different natural stones, such as cement, brick, and limestone.
  • Masonry and stone: Our technicians take appropriate measures to ensure the quality of your swimming pool. We make sure that a flawless final work that lasts longer.
  • Decking: Decking refers to the perimeter area of a pool. Here, we can implement various types of surfaces depending on the pool design. We also create design features like fire pits, summer kitchens, fountains, and fireplaces.  
  • Plaster: Our crew blows plaster onto the pool gunite and then smooth the surface. And this creates a beautiful design, after which we fill the pool with water. After this, you should thoroughly brush your pool trice per day to create a smooth surface.

You can feel overwhelmed by start-up and pool maintenance. Our crew will train you about using pool equipment controls and provide a complimentary manual explaining how to take care of your pool.

Areas We Build
Custom Swimming Pools

New Orleans

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Baton Rouge

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North Shore

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Lake Charles

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Our Warranty

We back our work with a pool warranty covering every aspect of our work. And this includes your decking, pool equipment, and controls. With MARTZ Pools, only insured and licensed professionals will build your swimming pool.

What’s more, we have partnered with professional and reliable equipment dealers to provide superior services to our clients. Our pool warranty also covers your gunite concrete shell throughout the life of your pool. We also offer a 15-year warranty covering your pool’s interior finish, and other components have a 2- to 3-year guarantee.

Talk to us for more information about our pool building process and warranty! 


Residential Pools SERVICES

Freedom Pools

Every property owner desires to have a freedom pool as their backyard’s centerpiece.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools have continuously withstood the test of time.

Vanishing Edge Pools

MARTZ Pools builds unique, luxurious, and serene vanishing edge pools in New Orleans,

Outdoor Living

MARTZ Pools offers the best outdoor living pool services. Your backyard or landscape forms a crucial part of your property.

Water & Fire Features

MARTZ Pools can build a swimming pool with waterfall and fireplace features.

Pool Renovation & Remodeling

MARTZ Pools is a reliable and professional swimming pool renovation and remodeling service