Pool Building

A: Whether we work with sub-contractors or not will depend on the specifics of your project. In some cases, our in-house team builds the entire swimming pool. But, if your project requires specialized skills that we don’t have, we can outsource from sub-contractors. Nevertheless, we ensure every aspect of our work meets the highest quality and industry standards.

A: The cost of building a swimming pool varies depending on factors like site condition and type. But, a simple swimming pool costs around $20,000 while an extravagant one can cost more than $70,000. The features like gas heaters, waterfalls, slides, spas, and water purification units can increase your swimming pool construction cost significantly.

A: Several factors should guide your swimming pool building decisions. Major among them include your backyard size, budget, and timeline. Our crew will guide you to make the most appropriate decisions about your pool building process.

A: Building a swimming pool can take months or weeks. Your project scope and scale will influence the time we will take to complete it. If you need a swimming pool with unique landscaping and complex design, as well as features like rock walls and lighting, your project can take longer. Other factors that may influence the duration your swimming pool building project will take include weather, access, and time when you get started.

A: Several factors influence the lifespan of a swimming pool. But, above ground swimming pools do not last as long as inground swimming pools. A vinyl liner can last over 20 years. However, vinyl should be replaced after 10 years. Gunite, on the other hand, can last around 25 years while fiberglass swimming pools last more than 30 years with proper maintenance.

Pool Financing

A: Yes. MARTZ Pools works with financial experts to help clients get the best loans for their projects. Please share the details of your swimming pool project, and we will help you get the best financing for your project.

A: Yes. If you have enough savings, you don’t need financing to build a swimming pool. All you need is to share the details of the swimming pool you wish to build with us to get an estimate. Our crew will work closely with you to design and build a custom swimming pool for you within your budget.

A: If you need financing for your swimming project, you can get a swimming pool that suits your financial status. Common swimming pool loans to consider include a personal loan, credit card, remortgaging your home, home equity credit line, and swimming pool loan. Each loan has its pros and cons. Therefore, talk to your lender first.

A: Financial experts recommend estimating a $90 monthly payment for $10,000. This translates to $392 monthly payment for a $45,000 loan with 6.5% interest.

A: Yes. You can get a loan that will cater for your entire project. However, you should have a good credit rating and choose the right lender.

Pool Services and Maintenance

A: Swimming pool services like maintenance and cleaning are recurring practices that you shouldn’t miss. Cleaning your swimming pool addresses issues that may lead to significant repairs. Working with experts like MARTZ Pools ensures that your swimming pool is maintained or cleaned professionally. It also saves you time, money, and energy. You also get peace of mind when a qualified technicians clean or repair your swimming pool.

A: Swimming pool experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in cleaning and maintaining this amenity. They also know what to look for when diagnosing swimming pool problems. Thus, working with a professional swimming pool company like MARTZ Pools means you don’t have to worry about possible unexpected issues. You enjoy your swimming pool knowing it’s in good condition.

A: You should clean the skimmer baskets at least once every week. These baskets collect foreign objects like toys, twigs, and leaves that fall into your swimming pool. Therefore, factors like the location of your swimming pool and season should determine how often you clean your skimmer baskets.

A: Proper circulation ensures that your swimming pool has pristine water. However, this doesn’t mean you run your pool pump 24/7. The duration your pump takes to circulate pool water depends on its size. Our crew will calculate your swimming pool volume and tell you the number of hours to run your pump every 24 hours.

A: Adding the right chemicals into a swimming pool keeps contaminants away while making the pool environment safe for swimmers. Body oils and traces of soaps, shampoos, and perfumes, as well as, debris, leaves, and twigs can create a breeding ground for micro-organisms in your swimming pool. Oxidizers and sanitizers disinfect your swimming pool while other chemicals balance pool water qualities like chlorine, calcium, and pH levels.

Pool Remodeling

A: MARTZ Pools offers a wide range of swimming pool renovation services.

These include:

  • Resurfacing
  • Efficient heaters, filters, and pump installation
  • New swimming pool coping
  • Tile repair, replacement or redesign
  • New decking
  • Updating lighting fixtures

A: It depends on your location. Local authorities dictate whether you need a permit to renovate your swimming pool. At MARTZ Pools, we adhere to pool construction codes and regulations to avoid trouble with the authorities. Our crew will work with you to acquire the necessary permits when renovating your swimming pool.

A: If your swimming pool looks old, ugly, and dated or not performing optimally, now is the right time to remodel it. That’s because the cost of remodeling a swimming pool keep rising. Thus, the longer you wait, the more you will spend on your project. So, talk to us now to renovate your swimming pool as soon as possible.

A: Yes. Most clients hire us to re-tire or re-plaster their swimming pools. Re-doing the finish of your swimming pool interior is an easy and quick way to create a more dramatic look.

A: How often you remodel your swimming pool should depend on factors like the materials and equipment of your amenity. Also, the climate you expose your swimming pool to and how well you maintain it will play a role. But, some property owners remodel their swimming pool after around 7 to 10 years.

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